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Welcome to Yankahlink Limited - your solutions partner!!  

We provide consulting and advisory services in a variety of specialised areas of interest to public and private institutions or individuals.

We know you always want to have your smile but you know that is not always enough.   Our client-friendly collaborative approach to business is specially designed to provide the well-deserved glitter in your smile.

problems or concerns are just your gateway to great expectations.  Give us a call now and let's work together to bring out the practical, measurable, cost-effective and competitive options and solutions that would let you stand taller among your competition.

don't have a problem?  It's still okay to call us because we would also work  with you to improve what you have or do.  We believe that continuous improvement programmes are the very fibre of institutional or personal growth.  We have the service package to suit your needs as well.
Join us for the special workshop on "Effective Management Review & Audit of PROCUREMENT, LOGISTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN-RELATED FunctionS"

October 21-22, 2014 at the Sunlodge Hotel, Tesano, Accra
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